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Neck Massage

30 Minute Massage - $30

Pressure Point Massage

60 Minute Massage - $60


90 Minute Massage - $90


Massage Therapy with Jeremiah

I graduated from the medical massage therapy program at Withlacoochee Technical College in 2021 and am licensed by the state of Florida. I have studied Shotokan karate since 1987 and have trained with elite instructors across the world. The kinesthetic awareness I've gained through my martial arts training has been a great help in developing my massage skills.


I offer therapeutic and medical based massage with most massage sessions being blend of both. I include range of motion mobility movements and stretches as well. My specialty is deep tissue massage which, when done correctly, should not have any post session muscle soreness. Other modalities such as hydrotherapy (hot towels, hot stones and ice packs) and paraffin will be offered upon request.

My goal as a massage therapist is not just to make clients momentarily feel better, but to contribute to the improvement of their overall well-being.

My wife and I are the owners of Hart Athletics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Massage Therapy

What do I wear?

Massage Therapy

Can I request work on a specific area?

Massage Therapy

How often should I get a massage?

Massage Therapy

How do I pay?

Massage Therapy

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